2018 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Release Date Photo

Without a shadow of a doubt and even to the untrained eye, the Giulietta is not up to its direct competitors in the segment of compact sedans. Referred to as Tipo 940, backed by a 6-year FWD platform shared with a handful of Fiat-Chrysler models, and not available in the United States, the 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulietta  is nearing its demise. The replacement model, planned.

The changes on the outside are minimal. The front cover has a less band, while the frames around the lights have changed. The position and shape of the lighting group are improved with LED lighting. With large rounded headlights, captures the appearance and dynamics. The profile and the back are designed with success, but Giulietta charms every spectator. The front and rear bumpers have been modified, with dual tailpipes. The car is harmonious, powerful and dynamic. Made to suit everyone. The body comes with modified dimensions and wheelbase. Weight is also reduced with lighter but stronger materials. Only the right exterior colors come to mind. What makes each Alfa model recognizable. Elegant, attractive, functional and modern. All this in addition to new aggressive alloy wheels.

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Models Photo 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Rendered Looks Like A

Connoisseurs of Italian design will immediately notice the changes in the cabin. Changing the steering wheel, door trim and seats, redesigned switch, etc. All logs and innovative solutions are practical and functional. Maybe the objection is in deficit in terms of storage compartments. In addition, the space in the cabin and the trunk is of average capacity. This 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulietta is primarily intended for the driver and then for other passengers. The ergonomics are excellent, while the visual aspect is commendable. These are some attractive combinations of new interior colors. All colors are coupled with taste. Dynamic handling is excellent, with precise and direct steering. The main elements of the equipment will be Tom Tom LIVE navigation system, the new 6.5 inch touch screen, U-Connect LIVE Sevice, air conditioning, leather seats, USB port, hands-free calling, etc. Safety has not been ignored and will be concerned for safe driving Brake Assist, alloy wheels, fog lamps, stability control, etc.

Fedeli, former chief engineer of Ferrari, said that no matter what happens to the 4C in the future, there will be no option for a manual transmission. As a reminder, the 4C Coupé is powered by a 1.75 liter all-aluminum four-cylinder engine with 237 hp and 350 Nm of torque. The engine is paired with a seven-speed TCT dual dry clutch gearbox, which allows a 0-100 km / h time of 4.1 seconds and a top speed of 258 km / h.

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