2018 Audi S3 Mpg Photo

The Audi S3 may initially be the Audi A3 sedan with reliable pedals, but it offers some performance improvements that add excitement to the party. Offered in both Premium Plus and Prestige trim levels, it shares its engine with the Volkswagen Golf R, and can be considered a more luxurious sedan counterpart to this hot hatch.

The 2018 Audi S3 shares the Golf R platform and both cars use AWD. But the S3 not only benefits from the hallmark of the Audi brand, but also from handling and interior technology. Magnetic-filled dampers enhance the handling of what is already an agile compact car while making ride quality even with the optional 19-inch more livable tires you get in the Golf R.

Inside, the S3 is certainly a cut above VW’s quality standards, but is less opulent than most Audis. Still, it comes with the brand’s excellent MMI infotainment system, and is offered with the new Audi virtual cockpit, which consists of a highly configurable 12.3-inch digital dashboard display. The rear seat is tight on the space, as is in the Golf R, which boasts a larger headspace. Each S3 is well equipped. Standard features include leather seats, dual-zone climate control, panoramic sunroof, and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The history of security is also good. The S3 has a good spatial safety feature and has worked well in all crash tests.

Not dry: Audi has completed the 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo four-cylinder (five pots are reserved for the RS3), bringing its total to 306 hp, with a bump of 15 lb to 295 lb ft. In other words, this is an overview of the new engine of the VW Golf R, just like the gearbox. This is a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, a luxury that the old S3 used while the Volkswagen, a giant killer, was fighting with a lower six-speed.

The S3 lineup has been overtaken by soft-top and sedan versions for this generation, but the five-door and wheelbase wheelbase wheelbase with the £ 1,550 S-tronic automatic gearbox is the most popular. It costs £ 34,090.

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