2018 BMW X4 Overview

Next X4 to get powerful X3 style clues and completely new rear end, according to new spy photos. The new spy photos of the new-generation 2018 BMW X4 wearing no disguise have landed, completely revealing the company’s next SUV X3 coupe.

As you can see in the images above, there will be a lot of changes up front. The grids will stay the same size, but as you can see in the spying picture, the vertical grill slats will now be more angular up and down. The headlights will reach a higher point at the calandria and will wind a little farther to the wing. The headlights themselves will be a little slimmer and, while the units here are showing the same LED rings, it is quite possible that the production model has the hexagonal layout shown in the facelifted 2 series. At the bottom, the round fog lamps have been replaced by smooth, horizontally oriented LED lights, while the fake holes in the corners are not much shorter and more rectangular than ever before. This odd vent between the grille and the dike is no longer (which also indicates a slightly shorter height) while the dyke is now curving upwards to the outside, giving the fascia a smiling look.

They are actually spy photos of the BMW x3 2018. Anyway, the X4 should rather mimic the X3 except for the roof line. So, the few details that we can do from the top could very well also do the next generation 2018 BMW X4. The HVAC controls will have a new design and will probably be brighter or more flashed than before. They will always take a good part of the central column, but they will be shaped differently. Above these commands you will find a revised pair of central vents and the latest iteration of the iDrive infotainment system. The current shift lever is being changed while the center console itself will undergo some minor changes. A new steering wheel is being prepared, and most models should be equipped with a semi-digital instrument cluster. In the above images, you can see a fully digital unit, but it is covered with a plastic cover that displays information on speed and tachometer. This will not affect the production model, so it will not be quite sticky.

The X4 is available in two standard versions, both AWD. The X4 xDrive28i offers a turbo-4 that is 240 horsepower and can propel the crossover up to 60 mph in about six seconds. At more than $ 48,000 to start, it’s not really cheap, and we would not blame anyone for stopping over. The X4 M40i is the performance choice for the moment and offers an entertaining turbo-6 that is 355 hp and a wall of torque. He snatches 60mph sprints in less than five seconds and is almost as entertaining as the shape of the X4. In either engine configuration, the 8-speed automatic is good enough not to want a manual.

In the current form, the X4 range does not jostle exactly at the seams. In fact, there are only two. And, these two are almost $ 12,000 in price. You can go for the xDrive28i, which starts at $ 47,600 or the M40i, which starts at $ 59,250.

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