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At a time when small houses are all the rage, it makes sense for someone to build a tiny car to park in the driveway. The 2018 Chevrolet Sonic is just such a car, slightly larger and more powerful than the Chevrolet Spark, but not as big as the compact Cruze.

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The updated front styling included a redesigned hood, headlamp headlights, LED daytime running lights and a two-part grille, with an enlarged lower intake and optional fog lights on the sides. The update also included several new paint colors and new wheel models, 15, 16 or 17 inches depending on trim level and options. Overall, the revisions retain the current Sonic, though the hatchback has always seemed more sturdy than the sedan, whose trunk is just a bit too big and blocky to be stylish. Last year’s revised rear lights on the sedan somewhat mitigated this effect, and the basic shape of the Sonic is neither outdated nor too busy.

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Inside, the new dashboard provided last year puts the Sonic a little ahead of some competitors whose dashboards are too hard. It’s simple, with an instrument pod behind the steering wheel offering a large central speedometer, a slightly smaller tachometer on the left, and auxiliary information to the right. Shevy’s revised infotainment system is at the front and in the center on the large intuitive rotary knobs for climate control. Seat fabrics, plastic trim and other interior elements fit the segment, with a preponderance of black plastic in a small version of the brand’s “twin cockpit” configuration. Overall, it meets better and conveys a higher quality feel than some of Sonic’s aging Asian competitors.

2018 Chevrolet sonic Image 2018 Chevrolet sonic Review & Ratings

The Sonic base comes with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that offers enough power to move around the city without complaining. If you spend a lot of time on the highway, or if you prefer something a little more peppered, you’ll need the Sonic LT or Sonic Premier, which is powered by a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine and transforms the Sonic in an energetic walk. Of the two engines available from Sonic, you will get the best fuel economy with the four-cylinder turbocharged. It is rated as high as 28 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway. This is a sub-standard shade in our subcompact car rankings. The base engine is even more thirsty, at 26 mpg city / 35 mpg highway.

The 2018 Chevrolet Sonic has a price of just over $ 16,000 for a manual transmission sedan LS, or $ 17,270 for a sedan with automatic transmission.

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