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The 2018 Dacia Sandero has upset the new car market in the UK with its price tag. And while the interior is cheap and the report to the class leaders, under the skin this supermini uses Renault Dacia owner’s proven mechanicals, so owners should not encounter any problems.

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The designers of Dacia were not charged with a difficult job. The Boxy dimensions are there to give as much space to passengers and luggage as possible in a given footprint on the road, and what would it be like to add an elaborate or dramatic front end to this shape? He is the geography teacher of cars; completely boring to watch, even if you still remember the water cycle. Its sleek, simple look has some appeal, though.Steel wheels are standard on all models, so none fits the look of a mainstream supermini without upgrading. At least the high-spec Laureate car has colored door handles and mirrors. The Ambiance models are made of black plastic, and the least expensive Access category has unpainted bumpers and unpainted wheel trims. It looks like a terrible or no-frills charm, according to your prospects Stepway adds a rugged faux-SUV charm and raises the style of the absolute basic level of the Sandero. It is not sold in the basic Access trim and has wheel arch trim extensions as well as roof bars. For 2018, Dacia gave it a slight refresh: LED taillights at the front and taillights cherry color. Subtle stuff, but you’ll notice the difference on the road.

The interior is incredibly basic by 2018 standards. The medium-gray regular plastic covers the entry-level dashboard and center console, dotted with blank switches, simple plastic dials for the movement of the air and round vents in an attempt to add style. On the most expensive models of movies, superimposed the infotainment screen, but overall, the layout could not be more basic. Better news comes from the seats, which are harder than Citroën’s latest attempts, but softer than those found in German and Korean cars. They offer a good compromise for a variety of uses, ranging from the city to 50 km of highway wheelbarrows. They would need better support under the thigh and more padding for longer trips.

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A cabin based on low rent materials and simplicity excels for practicality. Without the fear of damaging expensive surfaces, the Sandero can become as functional as you like. With the rear seats down, this is a practical van, for example, and the 60:40 split rear seats are standard. The 320 liters of the boot offer more than what you get from a Ford Focus hatchback. Steel wheels do not worry when it comes to curbs. Urban parallel parking is not feared when the worst case is to scrape an inexpensive wheel liner. The beauty of the Sandero is that it’s a car you do not have to worry about or fear. It’s purely about utility and it can not lose too much value, even if it picks up a few hits. No other brand produces cars that weigh you as much as Dacia.

The Dacia Sandero 2018 range is simpler than that of the Sandero: there is no 74-hp 1.2-liter engine and no entry-level Access trim. That’s why the entry price of £ 8795 for a 89-hp three-cylinder petrol turbo, in the Ambiance version, while the 89-hp 1.5-liter dCi turbodiesel is better suited to the car’s functional taste.

The three-cylinder gasoline is estimated at 55.4mpg on average, while the diesel’s reputation is 74.3mpg. Realistically, diesel should reach an average of 50mpg, easily 5mpg more than gasoline, so it’s the best option for efficiency with a decent margin.

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