2018 Fiat Doblo Release Date And Specs

The 2018 Fiat Doblo refrigerated van is certainly one of the most important vehicles in the small vans category, full of many viable options. This massively rented diminutive masterpiece has already earned some acclaimed van broth of the year, and its ratings among refrigerator van lovers seem to be improving with every model that is released. Its latest version also seems to continue the trend that has been established by its predecessors, with some modifications in the aesthetics of the vehicle and some components to lift the stock of the van greatly underestimated. As a refrigerated van, it is perhaps one of the most suitable vehicles for small-scale refrigeration equipment.

Doblo buyers can choose from a 1.4-liter, 77-hp petrol engine, a 1.3-hp, 85-hp, turbocharged diesel and a 1.9-liter, 105- or 120-hp diesel. We have not tried gasoline yet, but the 1.3 turbodiesel is a voluntary worker that makes the diesel sensation of 105 hp 1.9 almost redundant. The 1.9 of 120 hp offers a considerable increase in performance, offering a lot of traction.

Being in a similar category to other small compact refrigerated vans, it is easy to think that the Fiat Doblo Cargo suffers from similar deficiencies that mainly include the lack of adequate cargo space. But one would be quite wrong with such assertions because of the awesome loading space present in the rear part of the vehicle. While smaller models in the van usually have loading spaces that can equal or exceed the value of other small compact vans, its larger model consisting of a long wheel base and a high roof often has a load space value of 5.0m3. Perhaps, what is even more impressive is the maximum value of the payload of the vehicle, which amounts to 1.005kg, and ensures that the load capacity of the Fiat Doblo Cargo is one foot above all the other vehicles of the same category. Access to the vehicle’s loading bay is achieved by either a single or double sliding side door and two asymmetric rear doors.

It seems that only the exterior of the new Fiat Doblo Cargo models has received a kind of facelift because the interior is left with its default design. However, this does not necessarily mean that there is stagnation in the aesthetics of the vehicle, because its decor remains one of the best in the category of small refrigerated trucks. The spaces in the cabin remain impressive, with storage spaces available throughout the van fridge. From the windshield, to the pockets of the door, and even to the base of the passenger seat, there are compartments that will easily accommodate tools and packages of different sizes. Other vehicle components include electric mirrors, high-performance speakers and a radio / CD / MP3 player.

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