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The 2018 GMC Yukon and its long-wheelbase variant, the Yukon XL, do not offer as much driving pleasure or brand caching as the Mercedes-Benz GLS450. In addition, Yukon’s uninspiring interior materials raise serious questions about their value compared to its almost identical corporate brothers and sisters, the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban.

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Inside, the Yukon enjoys a car-like dashboard and a superior feel throughout its run, at a base price of $ 50,000. The Yukon, with its Chevy binoculars, is the latest SUV to offer a three-seat front seat, but few dealers have this configuration in stock. Instead, two padded bucket seats and a center console give passengers front seats an unobstructed view. The second row is not as spacious, and the third row is surprisingly tight with the standard wheelbase and the Yukon XLs for adults. With the third straight row, Yukons have valuable little cargo space, but the Yukon XL can store multiple suitcases. The third row folds flat, but the cargo floor is curiously high from the ground thanks to the solid old-school rear axle hidden underneath. Rivals like the Ford Expedition have a lower cargo floor.

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In addition to the airbags, anti-lock brakes and stability control system, the Yukon with a bucket seat includes a front center airbag designed to prevent the driver and passenger from hitting noggins in a wreck. Adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking are available, as are blind spot monitors, lane departure warning devices, and front parking sensors. All Yukons feature a touchscreen infotainment system. 8.0 inches with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The system is easy to sort at a glance and can be upgraded with a boil-in navigation system for little extra charge.

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Two engines are available in the 2018 Yukon including a 5.3-liter V-8 with 355 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque in the SLE and SLT versions, and a 6.2-liter V-8 with 420 hp. 460 lb-ft the Denali note. The 5.3-liter is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission while the 6.2-liter is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Yukon’s standard towing capacity is 8,500 pounds for rear-wheel drive models and 8,200 pounds for four-wheel-drive models. The Yukon XL Long-Wheelbase can tow 8,300 pounds at the rear and 8,000 pounds at four-wheel drive.

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The EPA fuel economy ratings for the standard wheelbase Yukon are 16/23 mpg for the Yukon rear-wheel drive and 16/22 mpg for the four-wheel drive. The most powerful Yukon Denali is rated at 14/23 mpg with propulsion or 14/22 mpg with four-wheel drive. The Yukon XL gets the same 16/23 mpg for rear-wheel drive models as the standard Yukon, but by opting for all-wheel drive, these numbers drop to 15/22 mpg. In the Yukon XL Denali, rear-wheel drive models hold the same 14/23 mpg of the Yukon Denali, but four-wheel drive variants are less efficient at 14/21 mpg.

The Yukon XL long-wheelbase model is our choice, as its cavernous interior largely overcomes the difficulty of the standard short-wheelbase version of accommodating seven passengers and all their luggage. We would avoid the Denali Top Trim and its expensive but not really luxurious trimmings and would pick the $ 61,420 SLT

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