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CR-X, one of Honda’s most popular models, had its spiritual successor in the shoes of the beautiful Honda CR-Z. But it was a failure, mainly because the CR-Z Hybrid was just a pale mask of a hot-hatch. The sales figures told the same story, and these were low, only about 1000 sold in the world. For these reasons, Honda has decided to stop production of the CR-Z. But car fanatics think differently, Honda CR-Z was only bad because of its hybrid transmission, it could not run like a hot hatch, and people were wondering, and if CR-Z was equipped with another engine ? It has the potential to become a true successor to CR-X. After all, it looks amazing. There are rumors that Honda has decided to do just that. So, it looks like we will have a brand new 2018 Honda CR-Z.

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There are many rumors about this aspect of the 2018 Honda CR-Z. There are some strong suggestions that the car will look a lot like a remodeled model of the old CR-Z with influences from the original. Although this has not been confirmed, it is more than likely that the car will remain a two-door coupe with a short wheelbase with a hatch at the rear. The interior will probably be functional with many influences from the current Civic Si.

The gadgets of modern technology will also find ways in the cabin that will include a touchscreen instrument panel, satellite navigation, USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, smart device integration, automatic parking sensors and an audio system.

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Scheduled to be slightly larger than the current CR-Z, the new model will borrow design cues from the new NSX and the Civic Type R. Under the hood will be a detuned version of four-cylinder turbocharged 2.0-liter VTEC from the Type R pumping over 280 horsepower. In fact, it seems that the CR-Z will be positioned and marketed as a high-performance version of the next generation United States Civic coupe, which means it can be called the Civic CR-Z.

While the US version will be equipped with the 2.0-liter engine, Honda plans to revisit the hybrid for the Japanese domestic market; this edition will use a 1.5-liter hybrid turbocharged i-DCD powertrain that generates more than 200 horsepower and features an eight-speed automatic transmission.

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While there is still a way out, we understand that a CR-Z prototype or concept car may surface at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show before the start date in early 2018.

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