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The Honda Fit with a lively personality, athletic chassis, and breathtaking spatial efficiency, it immediately embarked on a charming campaign who won the comparative test after comparison, as well as a Car and Driver 10Best Cars trophy for seven consecutive years, well in his second generation. Alas, the last Fit was good if not better, more beautiful than ever but sorely lacking the eagerness, the dynamic refinement and the friendliness of its predecessors. Our 2015 Long-Term 40,000 mile Fit did not fail to be complained about continued reliance on the speed of the highway, its tiny gas tank, its infotainment system that was difficult to handle, and its diminished pleasure over to his predecessors. Now Honda Fit improvement for 2018 gives this third-generation Fit a second chance to make a first impression.

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The silhouette of the minivan of the 2018 Honda Fit carries some details that cut the shape to the waist. There is a deep crease stamped on its sides, which makes it look longer than it actually is. The windshield has a steep rake, and the hood is short and chunky, but the Fit still looks good on its 15-inch base or 16-inch leveling wheels. If it were our call, we would paint in the body color the matte chrome bar incised through the back of the Fit.

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The relative restraint that Honda designers have kept for its exterior has mostly been thrown inside, where things are a bit too ambitious. An ultra-loaded dashboard is loaded with shapes, pieces, trim, glasses, and surfaces that can feel a little haphazard. While nothing seems and feels particularly low-rental, the Fit pales in comparison to the simpler appearance offered by the Honda HR-V, a small crossover derived from the Fit.Addressing two of our major complaints is a new 7 , 0-inch Audio Display infotainment system that comes standard on Sport, EX and EX-L models. Finally, it offers Apple CarPlay integration and Android Auto, and even better, the volume button is back. Although not all errors are corrected with the 2018 Fit, the front seats still lack side support and Honda has not been able to make room for a larger fuel tank. With a sophisticated set of gauges, there’s the split Magic Seat 60/40 on the back, which allows you to lift the lower cushion to carry larger items or fold the backrest down. Another big advantage for the segment is the availability of Honda Sensing driving aids, which include not only forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking and trajectory support, but also attenuation. of the road and adaptive cruise control.

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The engine, however, still makes the same 130 hp and 114 lb-ft of torque. That’s not enough to make it particularly fast, but it’s only slightly less than some of the most powerful cars in the segment, like the 138-hp Chevrolet Sonic and the 137-hp Hyundai Accent. It also drives out weaker ones, like the Toyota Yaris of 106 horses and the Mitsubishi Mirage of 78 horses.

Honda has refused to tell us how much its accessories will cost at this point. But we know that the 2018 Fit sticker prices are between $ 100 and $ 160 higher than last year, depending on the version: Base LX models start at $ 17,065, Sport models at $ 18,375 and EX models at $ 19,035.

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