2018 Honda Insight Colors Picture

In the field of electric and hybrid automobiles, the name Honda is common on the lips of those who know the vehicles. He is a leader in the industry, having been in operation for nearly twenty years. Honda Insight is one of the most pronounced models manufactured by Honda engine manufacturers. The car first entered the market in 1999. It is the closest rival for the Toyota car brand known as Prius. Since the release of its first car model, Honda has recorded sales of more than 100,000 units. Car manufacturers took a break and looked at the redesign of the model to create the 2018 Honda Insight. The second generation of the car model was launched on the market two years ago

2018 Honda Insight Image 2019 Honda Insight Spy Shots
2019 Honda Insight spy shots from 2018 Honda Insight, source:motorauthority.com

These spy photos do not reveal much about the style of the upcoming Insight, because it clearly carries a variety of pieces likely from all engineers who hang out. Although it is not representative of the final look of the car, the pointed front with wing-shaped headlights meeting the grille in the middle will not be too different for the final model. Previous glimpses had a roof similarly curved like the Prius but these shots showing the next Insight will have a more conventional salon bodyshape. The rear doors have clearly been lengthened to fit the Insight test car, suggesting that Honda will give it more legroom in the rear than an equivalent Civic.

Currently, there are no clear pictures of the insight inside, but this will probably inspire and share parts with the current Jazz. With the Insight supposed to undermine the price of the Toyota Prius, it might not feel particularly upscale on the inside, opting for cheaper and more durable plastic trims. A central infotainment screen will be offered and will control all connectivity and infotainment, while the dials could be replaced with a digital screen from the latest Civic. There should be enough room for four adults to sit comfortably or five at a time and just enough storage space for a family’s holiday baggage.

2018 Honda Insight Image 2018 Honda Insight Hybrid Price Specs Release Date
2018 Honda Insight Hybrid price specs release date from 2018 Honda Insight, source:carwow.co.uk

This new car, Honda comes with the new 1.3L i4 engine. This engine can produce more power than previous versions. More than that, other options can come with the 1.5L engine. For your information, this engine will use the brand new electric motor and battery. This variation can become one of the new ways on the car series. To make it more powerful, this car will be completed with the new 7-speed transmission. With this new transmission, it will improve many more improvements. These new enhancements will definitely add more power and also reduce fuel consumption.

The cheapest Toyota Prius costs just over £ 24,000. The unique selling point of the previous Insight was that it was cheaper than the Toyota so expect the next Insight to cost just over £ 20,000. It will not detach until 2018 and will go on sale at the end of the year or early 2019.

2018 Honda Insight towing Capacity Photo 2018 Honda Insight Hybrid Price Specs Release Date
2018 Honda Insight Hybrid price specs release date from 2018 Honda Insight, source:carwow.co.uk

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