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We will not go wrong in calling the redesigned 2018 Honda Odyssey the best family car in the world. Frankly, it’s a statement as bold as looking at the tree at a safe distance while sitting in a sturdy garden chair. Minivans in the US market are already the most accommodating and family-oriented people on the planet, and even in its seventh model year, the outgoing Odyssey remains a top-notch choice.

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From the outside, the latest Odyssey does not make a big difference from its predecessor. The current generation belt line reappears, although it is now embellished with a hollow fold. Another line of hockey stick characters appears on the sides of the body, a style that quickly becomes a cliché. There are also new LED headlights and taillights, and the grille now looks more like the driver and other recent Honda.

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The new Odyssey is also debuting on several technologies to keep an eye on and communicate with passengers in both rear rows. The most an infrared camera allowing the system to work both in the dark or in daylight, can provide the driver and front passenger with a view from the rear. . The camera image is projected onto the dashboard’s center display screen, and the pinch and zoom feature allows a zero to be set on an individual back seat driver. Communicating with passengers sitting in a back seat can be difficult, a situation that the new CabinTalk system is designed to mitigate. With CabinTalk, the driver can speak into the microphone and be heard through the rear speakers or headphones connected to the rear entertainment system. This system, with a 10.2-inch screen, can now stream PBS Kids, iHeartRadio and Spotify apps over a new 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection. A feature called Social Playlist allows eight passengers to download their music from their smartphone to the audio system, although in some families, being forced to listen to someone else’s music would be tantamount to abuse. An application called How much further? allows passengers to see the time until a destination is reached, but it will probably not completely eliminate this annoying issue. Another application, CabinControl, allows users to send a destination to the on-board navigation system, as well as control the rear seat temperature control and rear entertainment system.

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The 3.5-liter V6 engine in the hood is now more powerful at 32 horsepower, bringing the maximum power to 280 ponies with the addition of direct injection technology and other improvements that improve acceleration , overtaking and climbing. A new standard 9-speed transmission (or a 10-speed unit for the Touring and Elite models) maintains fuel economy in line with the previous generation at 22 mpg combined. It’s 19 mpg in the city and 28 mpg highway.

Further details on Honda’s latest Odyssey, which we do not expect to cost much more than the current $ 30,750 entry price, will be revealed closer to the new model’s release date this spring.

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