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Hyundai engineers test prototypes for a new generation of 2018 Hyundai Veloster. The prototypes reveal that the redesigned Veloster will retain the basic shape of the current model, including the unique three-hatch and hatch configuration. (There is only one door on the driver’s side and two on the other.)

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A closer look at the sides reveals a lowered ride height, sturdy side skirts and five-spoke sport wheels wrapped in contoured racing tires. Again, camouflage is awkward with body panels, but the thick bumpers on the rear fenders can hide large openings like the Veloster RM16. In the back, two other features suggest that it’s not a regular Veloster. First of all, the exhaust arrangement is not only of the double type, but also has large exhaust outlets. This is entirely different from the Veloster Turbo, which has a two-pipe configuration in the middle. Then there is the much larger wing at the top of the tailgate, which suggests better aerodynamics and better stability at high speeds. In total, do not expect the Veloster N to be based on the RM16 concept. Instead, it will be a stronger version of the standard model, which will already have a sportier and angular design compared to its predecessor

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It’s hard to say what we’ll find inside the 2018 Hyundai Veloster N in the absence of spying shots, but Hyundai should add some extras to the redesigned Veloster cabin. For starters, the sedan will benefit from the new cabin that the Korean brand is preparing for the classic sedan. It should have a more modern and sharper design, an updated infotainment system with a larger display, a redesigned steering wheel and probably a digital instrument cluster. In addition to this, the N should have custom screens for the infotainment system and the instrument. bunch, a flat-bottomed steering wheel and a pair of front seats inspired by the race. We should also find a set of sport pedals, unique padding options and a range of “N” badges on the seats, steering wheel, center console and dashboard. Hyundai could even go so far as to offer a backseat removal.

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Following the footsteps of the i30 N, the Veloster N is almost certain to be powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharger in-line-four. The power should be about 250 horses, channeled to the front wheels. If the i30 N that Hyundai has taken for the Nürburgring 24 Hours race is something to do, then the Veloster N will come with a six-speed manual, but Hyundai is likely to offer the Veloster N with an automatic transmission .

Expected Arrival and Price: With the i30 N scheduled to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year, we suspect that Hyundai will not be taking the Veloster N’s ​​casters until the 2018 auto show season, with the model set on sale before the end of the year. Given the competition Veloster N is aiming for, we expect Hyundai to market the high-performance hatch at around $ 25,000.

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