2018 Lexus NX Exhaust Picture

The mid-size 2018 Lexus NX crossover offers a taste of achievable luxury for buyers familiar with mainstream brands. But despite some welcome changes, it’s just a solid option dropped by some obvious flaws.

2018 Lexus Nx Colors Photo 2018 Lexus Nx Gets A Refresh In Shanghai Motor Trend

Well, it does not look much different, apart from a new shark fin antenna, new alloy wheel models, small adjustments to the polarized front grille and the installation of brighter, brighter LED headlights. . Lexus also made a range of standard camera / radar-based safety features on all models, including adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, lane assist , AEB with pedestrian detection and automatic high beam. It’s a big plus.

2018 Lexus Nx Engine Specs Photo 2018 Lexus Nx 300 Deals Prices Incentives & Leases Overview

Inside there’s a range of new color themes to choose from such as Dark Rose, Ocher, Rich Cream and Black / Alabaster, a huge 10.3-inch horizontal screen that really embellishes the cabin, a new analog clock with GPS, the latest remote controller touchpad (the still fiddly version of Lexus’s BMW iDrive) and some new switches such as knurled climate control flip-flops covered in the tiny L for Lexus.Yet reasons the cabin remains a bit of a bag of ideas. The quality of the material is excellent as you might expect, although the way the fascia protrudes is a bit unusual, as are the exposed screw heads along the transmission tunnel. We are sure to be able to acclimate to the pavement infotainment touch, but we are not sure whether it is a better solution than the rotary dial used by many rivals, or a large touch screen, or even the old Lexus square rocker. Ten points for ideas, but five for execution.

2018 Lexus Nx Pictures Image Lexus Unveils Refreshed 2018 Nx300 and Nx300h at the Shanghai

The Lexus NX 2018 comes with two very different powertrains. The standard 238 hp inline-4 turbocharged 2.0-liter is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission to drive the front or all four wheels. The hybrid uses a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine specially tuned with Toyota’s two-engine hybrid system, and now comes only with all-wheel drive. Overall, we rate the NX 2018 at 5 out of 10 for performance, which means it’s average in its segment.

2018 Lexus Nx Exhaust Picture 2018 Lexus Nx Gets A Refresh In Shanghai Motor Trend

2018 Lexus Nx Images Photo 2018 Lexus Nx Gets A Refresh In Shanghai Motor Trend

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