2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class Review Picture

The new 2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class camouflage during development testing, giving us a glimpse of the new car alongside its predecessor. Scheduled for launch next year, the fully renovated G-Class or G-Wagen will be known for being wider and more spacious, and more focused on driving on the road.

2018 Mercedes-benz G-class Image 2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Shows No Visible Exhausts Burbles Near

The prototype is significantly wider than the current G-Class, with our photographer telling us that there is nearly 4.0 inches of extra girth. Elements such as the windshield, bonnet and grille are significantly wider than on the current model. LED lights at both ends are also new. The wider body have been adopted to accommodate the new suspension which aims to improve stability on and off the road while improving the interior space. At the same time, the body of the new model is shorter. This can clearly be seen in the plans where the prototype and the existing G-Class are present.

2018 Mercedes-benz G-class towing Capacity Photo 2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Prototype Shows More Skin Around

Another key change should be the increased use of aluminum and high-strength steel in the construction to help reduce weight, which could reduce the curb weight of 5,665 pounds from the current model to 440 lbs. The new G-Class should remain as rugged as ever. For example, the ride height does not seem to change and it seems that the active axle remains at the rear.

The base models of the G-wagen, the G550 and the AMG G63, will be powered by two versions of the V-8 4.0-liter dual turbocharger. Europe will also see a six-cylinder diesel, an unlikely option to appear in the United States. It is possible that, eventually, there will be another AMG G65, powered by a twin-turbocharged V-12. Power will be 9-speed automatic transmission; AMG models could keep the current seven-speed gearbox.

2018 Mercedes-benz G-class Engine Specs Photo 2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Prototypes Spied Testing towing

We anticipate that the next generation of G-wagen will be unveiled at the end of 2017 and will appear in the showrooms in early 2018. The price will remain close to that of the current model, which starts at $ 120,000 for the G550. Do not expect a follow-up of the G-wagen 4×4 squared soon, and the entry-level professional model will also be missing from our shores.

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