2018 Mercedes-Benz GLE63 Amg Coupe Interior Image

With the crossings taking the assault market, it seems that performance crosses are the next big enthusiastic craze. While other companies are struggling to put the Sport in Sport Utility, Mercedes-AMG has been building hot versions of all SUVs in its lineup for years, from the G-Class boxy to the GLLC-replacement GLC. The GLE Coupé will have some improvements for the 2018 model year, really showing that SUVs and performance can indeed go hand in hand.

2018 Mercedes-benz Gle63 Amg Coupe Exterior Image 2016 Mercedes Benz Gle Coupe First Drive Review

Mercedes-Benz USA announced Thursday new details on the 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLE63 Amg Coupe models built in Alabama in a press release. The cars benefit from two new high-end interiors at no extra cost and 11 paint models to choose from.

2018 Mercedes-benz Gle63 Amg Coupe Engine Photo New 2017 Mercedes Amg Gle 63 S 4matic Coupe Exterior and

The GLE Coupé has three packages available that include different visual customizations and driving aids. Cars equipped have access to up to 6 colors that can be applied to the exterior of the vehicle at a time. The Premium 1 package is all about security. with Lane Keeping Assist technology, Blind Spot Assist and automatic braking. The Parking Assist kit does what the name says and includes Park Pilot aids and a 360º camera to help maneuver the massive GLE into any space.

The engines have been upgraded, with the signature 5.5 liter Biturbo V-8 from the GLE63 S making 577 horsepower.

The $ 111,860 GLE63 Coupes are now available at US dealerships.

2018 Mercedes-benz Gle63 Amg Coupe Review Picture New 2018 Mercedes Benz Gle Amg Gle 63 S 4matic Coupe Coupe In

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