2018 Mitsubishi Shogun Review and Release Date

2018 Mitsubishi Shogun arrives with all the changes and improvements, which brings its twin brother Mitsubishi Pajero. Entitled Shogun, this Mitsubishi SUV is sold on the British market. On the market, the North American continent, the same model is called Montero. For all other markets, the name is reserved Mitsubishi Pajero. In any case, under this name is the most popular and best known this fantastic off-road. However, we are soon expecting a new generation of models, model year 2018.

The exterior of this next generation car has been redesigned to the front and rear. The fog lights now have a matte finish giving a brighter look. The front grille is brighter and more aggressive. This is because of the finishing and cutting of the chrome that was made to him. At the rear, all the lights have been upgraded for LED. These lights are larger and are curved to cover the back and side. In addition, the roof now comes with a rail both functional and good-looking. It strengthens the roof and offers a place to put extra luggage. The rims have a matte black finish and have been redesigned to give a sporty look.

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Being a large SUV with seven seats, past generations of the 2018 Shogun had a small leg room on the third row. The 2018 Mitsubishi Shogun now has a larger cabin, so a sufficient leg room on the third row. This third row can now be easily folded using a button at the back to create more luggage space. The high quality leather now covers the seats and the steering wheel. This makes the Shogun a comfortable car to drive in. It also adds a higher sensation, something that was missing in the past generation. The overall visibility of the cabin has been improved. The large open and electrically closed windows are the reason for this. Above this camera covering all the hidden points are related to the 12-inch display in front of the driver.

GC-PHEV Concept, which has the biggest influence on the new Shogun (Pajero), is featured in the Plug-In Hybrid Edition. The new hybrid system includes a four-cylinder gasoline engine, an electric motor and a high-capacity lithium-ion battery. This system differs from that seen in GC-PHEV. In addition, the vehicle will be equipped with a Super All Wheel (S-AWC) wheel control system and new safety systems.

The car is expected to be available in the market from mid-2018 to June. The asking price is expected to be approximately $ 52,000 and $ 75,000.

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