2018 Nissan Lannia Refresh and Design

According to the latest reports, 2018 Nissan Lannia may have initially started immediately after its release. To point out, this is a brand new light car, which has exceeded 12 months in the past. For the coming year, we could see the first upgrades.  With this opportunity, we might see some new features in and maybe some smaller settings, but the internal and external style will remain the same.

As we have already mentioned, 2018 Nissan Lannia is still a pretty cool model, which should continue pretty much as the current model. It will have good design features, but some reliable sources suggest that we might see the first update of this model. What this update will bring, it is difficult to predict. However, we are fairly sure that there will be no changes in terms of style, interior design and similar things. In addition, a mechanical part of the car should remain the same. On the other hand, we were able to see updates in terms of features, especially indoors. For example, 2018 Nissan Lannia might come up with the latest version of the infotainment system, or maybe even new technologies. This model is available is several levels of finishing, and each of them should feature new features.

The engine is worth 3.5-l V-6 which is typical for the Maxima model. This engine will have the same or better transmission according to the gearbox. It will be an X-ironic transmission, useful and effective. This car will get up to 300 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque. The fuel economy is reduced by a few kilograms of gasoline. The engine should be more efficient than before and it is also a positive mark for this class of vehicles.

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Although there are possible upgrades, 2018 Nissan Lannia should come in the usual time, somewhere late this year. It should keep the same price, which starts around $ 15,000.

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