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The Renault design pattern confirms that the new Clio generation will bring great changes in cabin design, as well as the potential of Hybrid Assist technology. Renault will soon undergo a revolution in interior design, according to Laurens van den Acker, head of brand design. It will begin with the brand new Clio supermini, which will arrive in 2018.

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Renault offers a range of 2018 Renault Clio models that cater to a wide range of buyers. The entry-level Clio Life offers a range of features including smart keys, a 7-inch touch screen with rear view camera, rear parking sensors, 16-inch alloys and a leather steering wheel for 19,990 $. with a double clutch automatic transmission.

A mid-range Clio Zen benefits from Renault-branded C-shaped LED daytime running lights as well as an enhanced stereo system with GPS, two-tone alloy wheels and more.

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Buyers looking for a fully-equipped model can choose Intens, a trendy model that offers stand-alone parking, air conditioning, a premium hi-fi system, 17-inch wheels and velvet trim. and imitation leather. A GT-Line model brings many of the same features into a sporty package that includes a body kit, sports seats and aluminum pedals.

The Renault Clio 2018 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbo-petrol engine develops a power of 162 kW at 6050 rpm, while the torque of 260 Nm joins the race at 2500 rpm. Turbo boost pressure increased slightly (0.96 to 1.03 bar) allowing the car to generate more torque, 280Nm, in fourth and fifth gear. Meanwhile, the Sport and Cup models coming online in the coming months include 147kW / 240Nm transfer outputs.

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