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The new 2018 Renault Koleos finally available. Koleos is the main hybrid output of the French manufacturer Renault. With it, the organization began to deliver new vehicles. Now, this automaker has a couple of SUVs in its offer. By then, fans should be ready for the new Renault Koleos 2018. This unit is being updated and refreshed. Like a piece of it comes using the engine and the performance. This will be a piece of the second era, powered in 2016. In any case, after two years 2018 Koleos will undergo huge changes. The pavilion and the infotainment system are new, because the changes are enormous.

2018 Renault Koleos Engine Specs Image Lanzamiento Nueva Renault Koleos 2018

Renault expects buyers of 2018 Renault Koleos to push the boat by speculating their cars, and early figures suggest that about 60 percent of British buyers opt for Signature trim on Dynamique S models already well equipped. Signature cars feature a different infotainment system (8.7-inch touchscreen), full LED headlamps, 19-inch wheels, power liftgate and heated leather seats. But while flexible plastics at the arms and attract you, there is a perceived lack of quality during further inspection. Plastics and equipment on the infotainment system do not feel up to the mark, nor are fake wood trim.

2018 Renault Koleos Features Photo New Renault Koleos 2018 Will Be Launched In 2017

On the inside, the vertical dashboard is placed around the front occupants and features stocky handles on either side of the center console. The Nav model’s top-style 8.4-inch portrait-style screen is more beautiful than the other Renault models, now that it has got a glossy finish on its bezel, and is less subject to Dirty air after a few days of use. However, the standard 7-inch infotainment system will not leave you disappointed and you will have the benefit of more physical controls for the other systems in the car. The front seats are comfortable and very supportive, offering plenty of adjustability. It’s a similar story behind, with the two outer seats being just as comfortable and there’s plenty of head and leg room. Even the middle seat has no intrusive transmission tunnel that encroaches on the legs.

2018 Renault Koleos Interior Image Renault Koleos Suv Makes European Debut In Paris

The 2.0-liter turbodiesel used here is exactly the same powertrain as under the hood of the Nissan X-Trail diesel, which is predictable given the history between the models. As such, the lubricator now provides the Koleos with not less than 130 kW of power and a significantly improved torque of 380 Nm, stacking well against the petrol engine which was the only offer (which was just 126kW / 226Nm). As Koleos diesel is at the top of the range, power is transmitted to all four wheels via the same CVT transmission as before.

2018 Renault Koleos Release Date Photo Renault Koleos Zen Suv

Oddly enough, the Koleos diesel sports an impressive 30,000 km / 12-month service interval, which is an improvement of three times its mileage compared to its Japanese cousin (although in time, it remains identical once a year) . Fuel economy has also been improved, with the diesel Koleos rated at an impressive 6.1 L / 100 km (much less than the gasoline-fueled 8.1 L / 100 km).

In conclusion, the new 2018 Renault Koleos will not exceed $ 21,000 for base units. In any case, the top trims could carry a sticker price of $ 30,000. When it’s available, Koleos will take on Mitsubishi Outlander and Nissan X-Trail. There will be more models, but these three are close to choice, cost and execution.

2018 Renault Koleos Engine Specs Picture 2018 Renault Koleos Specs Release Date and Price

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