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The 2018 Renault Twingo is a city with a rear engine configuration and a charm. Those on the market for a small car have never been so good. Not only is the choice bigger than ever, but the cars themselves have more interior space and improved performance compared to their predecessors. Renault’s competitor is the five-door Twingo. It shares its rear-engine platform – a bizarre design to maximize interior space – with the Smart ForFour and clashes with rivals such as the Volkswagen Up, Hyundai i10 and Suzuki Ignis

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The rear windows of the Twingo stand out rather than calm down, which can make the car stifling for those in the back. The front seats have no additional lumbar support and the steering wheel lacks adjustment, but this becomes insignificant compared to the lack of a footrest next to the clutch with regard to driver discomfort. Driving comfort is as you can imagine for such a small car; generally OK, but larger bumps will bounce your passengers, especially if you opt for the firmer GT version. There is a little roar of tires at the speed of the highway, but again a car designed for the city, as is the sound of the engine. Anyway, the sound of small three-cylinder units is really charming.

2018 Renault Twingo Pictures Image Renault Twingo Gt Rear Engined Affordable and Best Of All French

If you are happy to use your smartphone for satnav and music, the good news is that Renault offers a free R & Go application that just does that, although the cradle in which it is found is hindering the controls of the radio. Alternatively, you can switch to a suitable touch screen, which is a great improvement, but at a price. The heating controls are simple to use, and while the plastics are rather hard and rough, you can add various colorful panels to brighten things up. The omission of a tachometer, even on the GT version, is a shame.

2018 Renault Twingo Pics Picture 2018 Renault Twingo

Twingo buyers have the choice between three petrol cylinders: a 1.0-liter engine with 69 hp that boasts 0-62 mph in 14.5 seconds, a 0.9-liter turbocharged engine of 89 hp that promises a time of 10.8 seconds and a more powerful version of 99 horsepower from the same engine in the Twingo GT. All versions are standard equipped with a five-speed manual transmission, although the 89-hp turbo is available with an optional six-speed automatic clutch transmission on some versions.

There is a variety of trimmings to choose from on the Twingo, starting with Expression, then going through Dynamics, Dynamics S, GT and Iconic. Prices start from £ 10,000 for the entry-level SCE Expression 1.0, while the high-end Iconic TCe 90 auto weighs around £ 15,500. The GT version is priced at around £ 14,500.

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