2018 Renault Zoe Models Photo

This is when the electric Renault Zoe was delivered to us recently with its half-charged batteries.

2018 Renault Zoe Image 2018 Renault Zoe Rumor and Release Date

The 2018 Renault Zoe will arrive in an entry-level model it seems, rolling on smaller wheels of 15 “or 16” depending on the preference of the buyer, while a high-end Zoe will roll on alloys of 17 “The wheels themselves do more than just increase the appeal, with the entry-level model capable of hitting about 403 km on a single load (due to rolling resistance), while the top model range will only 367 km.

The latest Zoe packs a battery ZE.40 under its hull, which can withstand a fast charge. Charging times vary from 60 minutes to 13 hours depending on the power source available, so we suggest you take a long look at your home electrical equipment and EV infrastructure in your area if you consider a Zoe as a second car, perhaps.

2018 Renault Zoe Pics Photo Battery & Charging Zoe Electric

Refreshed at the end of last year, the small battery hatch has undergone a technical overhaul that eliminates what Renault says is the only barrier that most prevents the anxiety of an electric car. Upgrading the 22 kWh lithium-ion battery to a denser 41 kWh battery. Better still, the French car manufacturer says that under real conditions, the purely electric hatch is capable of covering about 300 km before going flat.

2018 Renault Zoe Interior Photo 2018 Renault Zoe Ze40 Review

For now, we have cars like the latest Renault Zoe that should soon be sold in Australia and while its base price of $ 44,470 is competitive with, say, the $ 65,000 BMW i3, it’s still a lot for a car with the size and performance of the cheapest city car. In comparison, the Renault Clio of similar size starts at just $ 15,990.

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