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After the news that the ST of Ibiza had to die due to bad sales, another model of the SEAT range will be recorded in the history books. This is optimistic, however, mainly because history books do not care about multipurpose vehicles like the Alhambra.

2018 Seat Alhambra Exterior Image 2018 Seat Alhambra Mvp Vehicle Exterior Interior Test Drive

The Seat Alhambra feature peaceful with a medium pace, combined with the superior travel quality suitable for a high conclusion limo. Placed in its living-efficiency-corridor-like space; This is the kind of vehicle that, if it was not the big “S” on the front zone, can make a perfect superstar ferry. Its massive circumference indicates that it’s not the easiest adventure region for anyone without an Azure badge, but one that is worth buying.

2018 Seat Alhambra Specs Image Seat Suv Neues Suv Modell Unterhalb Des ateca

And features automatic parking features, so get more than that. Using the two back chairs far more than enough for the fully-grown grown-ups, it’s one of the most spacious minivans around. It has a dashboard more inviting than the other activities of the chair while maintaining the basic performance typical of the design and style of the VW group. The sturdiness in the higher supplies sketches by Audi-typical, so that a leather-wrapped Lux ​​Edition SE has each of the charms of a real high-end car. It is two leagues from the old Alhambra. By using the rear seats, there is a good boot, so we have like the top (suggested) setting of the transformer that turns into kiddie seats.

The 1.4-liter petrol engine produces 150 hp and the 2.0-liter, which also powers the Golf GTI, has 220 horsepower and is best suited for moving the car quickly, even with seven people on board. .

2018 Seat Alhambra offers three versions of the same 2.0-liter diesel engine for the Alhambra, which means efficiency and torque are not lacking. The least powerful version is 115hp and returns 56mpg; the most powerful version makes 185hp and claims to reach 47 mpg. The middle one comes with 150hp and would be our choice of the range because it has the perfect blend of traction power and fuel economy of 55mpg. Nevertheless, a Citroen Picasso can get 67.3mpg.

All get a couple of terrain environment, car parking devices, and alloys. Because it probably has to be: the 2018 Seat Alhambra is not as cheap as it was today, from £ 34,655 previously mentioned. But even around this price, it’s worth it.

2018 Seat Alhambra Engine Specs Photo Seat to Discontinue the Alhambra Mpv by 2018 Replace It with 7

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