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2018 Volvo V70 – The inspiration behind the latest Volvo car can be summed up in one word: Outback. Two years ago, Subaru exploited the red sport / utility phenomenon by dressing its slow-speed, all-wheel-drive Legacy wagon with a sporty, outdoor look, giving it some functional benefits. To meet the V70 XC AWD break, aka the Cross Country. Volvo is quick to point out that the sports car is not meant to be an all-terrain vehicle; it is rather a “rugged all-terrain car” capable of handling most roads or roads. Then, he proudly adds that the model “will accelerate, decelerate and overtake all SUVs” (the Jeep V-8 could however support this first statement).

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To create this version, Volvo turned to the existing V70 AWD estate and adapted it to appeal to a more active user. More aggressive exterior treatment includes a new grille and front air dam, more pronounced moldings, more pronounced moldings, standard fog lights and a larger roof rack. In addition, the 205 / 65HR15 all-season tires are slightly wider and taller than the 195 / 60VR15 tires used on regular cars.

Inside, rugged intentions are blended with a level of luxury tailored to its upscale market. The seats are upholstered with a beautiful new Arctic Canvas fabric, and augmented with leather bolsters. Standard features include automatic climate control, an electrically operated driver’s seat, heated front seats and an on-board computer. Safety features include front and side airbags, three-point seatbelts and head restraints for all five passengers, as well as pre-tensioned seatbelts at the front. An optional Grand Touring package adds walnut trim, a power passenger seat, and an enhanced audio system with in-dash CD player. A complete leather treatment is available. The rear compartment has a number of functional enhancements for outdoor enthusiasts. A safety net stretches between the cargo area and the rear seat to prevent objects in the rear from flying into the passenger area during sudden braking or collisions. Mesh pockets on each side of the rear compartment provide additional storage space for small items. The loading area mat can be flipped over to expose a vinyl backing for use when transporting wet or muddy items. And in a hidden compartment under the rug is a vinyl cover that can be draped over the rear bumper to create a clean seating area.

The power comes from the same turbocharged 190-horsepower / turbo version of Volvo’s 2.4-liter DOHC and 20-valve inline five-cylinder engine as the GLT Sportswagon. This engine provides a strong launch and instant punch, frequently used on Alaska’s two-lane highways. The engine powers the four-speed automatic transmission – with excellent shift program logic – and the Volvo four-wheel drive system. viscous clutch. Under normal, dry conditions, 95% of the power is sent to the front wheels, which allows the vehicle to behave essentially like a front-wheel drive car.

The V70 XC is an impressive and balanced set. It does a great job by combining much of the all-weather versatility and loading potential of an SUV with the excellent handling, braking and safety of a Volvo passenger car. Of course, there is a premium for this package. Its base price of $ 35,595 is $ 1,175 higher than the standard all-wheel drive V70 (and puts it in direct competition with the new Mercedes-Benz ML320 SUV).

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