2020 Ford Explorer Redesign

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There are significant changes in store for the next generation 2020 Ford Explorer. Scheduled to debut next year as a 2020 model, the upcoming Explorer drains its front-wheel drive platform for a rear-drive configuration, according to our sources. The change is made possible by the move to the Ford CD6 modular platform, which supports front, rear and all-wheel drive configurations. The engine lineup sees a similar reshuffle, with a new variant engendered by the addition of an engine currently found only in the Lincoln stable. Yes, the ST badge arrives on the Explorer line.

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But we are just starting with the rumors. We have not even talked about engines yet. Rumor has it that the new 2020 Ford Explorer will have four engine options: the 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbo-four found in the current model, the 3.3-liter Cyclone V-6 currently available as an F-150 entry engine. range, a hybrid option, and a high-performance 3.0-liter bi-turbo V-6 EcoBoost that is currently developing 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque in the Lincoln Continental and the MKZ. You know where it’s going.

The EcoBoost V-6 would power a 2020 Ford Explorer ST. It may have looked like a stretch a few weeks ago, but the Ford Edge ST has just made its debut at the Detroit Auto Show telling us that performance SUVs are a thing now at Ford. Of course, we already have a 365 horsepower Explorer Sport, but an ST version will probably replace it with more performance tuning and a more distinct set, just like the Edge ST did with the Edge Sport.

2020 ford Explorer Exterior Colors Image

Look for the new explorer to show off his face in early 2019, possibly at the Detroit auto show, with follow-up sales shortly thereafter. Prices should start in the low range of $ 30,000, with a sportier TOS approaching $ 50,000 before options.

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